-Selective Torrential Downpour- 
If you are from Florida, you know it could be sunny to your left, and to your right there a raging flood from the biblical days unleashing on the Walmart parking lot. Florida is notorious for it's flash flooding, but from a distance it is one beautiful sight. 

-Pensacola Beach Solar Storm- 

 The year is 2025, the sun has just blasted a large solar flare in our direction, without warning, the power goes out and all electronic devices are rendered useless. While the rest of the world is panicking, the Emerald Coast is glowing a vibrant green, you go to pull out your phone and realize it is dead.  Good thing I made this rendition of what it would look like!

-Night and Day Difference-

 If you slam enough coffee or down a few energy drinks, stay up until 4 am, grab the camera and hit the beach you can actually see the colors pop out of the Milky Way with your eyes! (assuming there is not a wretched thunderstorm blocking your view)  The Milky Way rises in the southeast sky, so if you head to the parts of the beach that are dark, on a clear night you should see it rising over the Gulf! 


Most people think the best time to go to the beach is during the day when it is bright, the sun is shining and there are 1000 people out. Then you have the people like me, who like to think outside of the box and see the beach differently. There is no better way of doing that than waiting for night fall to hit and a gnarly thunderstorm over the gulf to stir up some beauty in the ocean. It is amazing how a bolt of lightning can give the water it's notorious green glow that Pensacola Beach is known for. 
-Wretched Beach-
Tourists and locals are afraid to get into the water out of fear of getting bitten by a shark and becoming lunch meat. What about a vortex coming from the gods with winds blasting over 200 mph sucking jelly fish into it, along with you, throwing you 100 ft down the beach only to get struck by lightning and stung at the same time? I'm sorry, but I'll take the sketchy sea beasts over being in the midst of a jellyfish-electrocuting-danger vortex.
-Wrath of the Beach Ball- 

What if the Pensacola Beach Ball had the ability to give a friendly zap to people who leave their beer bottles and broken glass all over our beautiful beaches? I bet the percentage of feet cut by glass would show a steady decline and possibly drop down to 0%.  
-Navarre Beach Walkway-

Navarre Is beautiful at night, Grab your blankets, stop by McDonalds, grab a mocha and drive to the halfway point between Navarre and Pensacola. The lights are non-existent and the stars are existent. You can even catch a meteorite or two! This is an amazing spot for night time photography, set your camera's shutter speed to 25 seconds, slap that bad boy on a tripod, open the aperture up, use a two second timer and start shooting!

-Sunburst Pensacola-

A perfect sunset, birds, empty beach, warm weather and a weekend with nothing to do except sit on the beach and relax.
-Graffiti Bridge Star Trails- 

This bridge is awesome, it shows that Pensacola is a city that listens to it's people and lets them express their inner artistic selves! 
Northern lights brent shavnore photography

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