Photo Restorations 
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The RMS Titanic as it departed South Hampton to its final destination in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 
This was an original photo from 1912 that I digitally restored. It was simply amazing seeing an old black and white photo lacking detail and emotion be turned into something powerful.
The U.S. Marines rasing the flag on Mt. Suribatchi in 1945. This photo was originally taken by Jose Rosenthal, and digitally restored by myself. It's always amazing seeing something come to life again. 
Semper Fi!
This was an interesting photo restoration project. 155 years later, I was still able to pull detail out of Mr. Lincolns eyes and face. I wonder what the photographer would think.
1945, Times Square - A sailor grabs a nurse, swoops her back and kisses her in celebration of one of the bloodiest battles known to mankind coming to an end. This powerful image was replicated and sent worldwide as a relief to anguish, and instilling hope to the U.S. that the war has come to an end.
This photo restoration project was by far one of my favorites. Bringing Times Square back to life wasn't an easy task! It does require you to mentally put yourself in the streets, feel the emotions and smell the air to get an accurate selection of colors and tones that depict the emotions of the photo.
When I decided to restore this historic photo of the Wright Brother's Glider from 1902, two things came to mind: Failure and crazy ideas. After Oriville crashed this glider into the sand I'm sure he considered it a failure...But it wasn't. If you look at all of the crashes it took to get the concept just right for self- powered manned flight, you can't help but ask yourself: "How were they failures?" They were stepping stones up a path others called crazy and unachievable. 
When you have a crazy idea and are afraid of failing or negative criticism, just remember: Everyone thought the Wright Brothers were crazy. Do your thing and do it well.
This restoration project is a hand shaking photo from June 6, 1944 in Normandy France. Could you imagine the feelings and emotions going through each of these men as they approach Omaha beach? It is truly an amazing experience bringing a photo like this back to life. It almost puts you right in the boat next to these brave men.

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